X Marks the Spot EP

by Sushi Jones

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released April 26, 2016

Alex Handler - Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard

On "Sleeping" and "Control":
Evan Rees - Drum kit, percussion

On "In Vivo":
Andrew Hughes - Drum kit, percussion

On "Squander" and "Tesoro":
Alex Handler - Drums, percussion

All songs written by Alex Handler
Produced by Alex Handler & Andrew Hughes
Mastered by New Alliance East

Special thanks to Andrew Hughes, Evan Rees, Anna Neumann, Matt Ohanian, Sam Bethel, Seth Wieder, Katrina Ferguson, Nick Zampiello, Spooky Ghosts, friends, family, and anyone else who takes the time to listen



all rights reserved


Sushi Jones Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Sleeping
I know it’s hard
To keep it all together, babe
And sometimes it sucks
When we try to sleep at night
I’m counting to ten
Then I’ll be on the other side
I’m waiting again
For you to come home

You open the door
And then I feel you next to me
The same as before
Your head’s heavy
With the face of the day
It takes me so long
To be aware
But I’d choose this any day

Wake me up
Wake, wake me up
I’ve been sleeping in my bed too long
Wake me up
Wake, wake me up
I don’t really wanna live without you, baby
Wake me up ‘cause I’m asleep

This empty night
Can I use it to come alive?
Or will it light our home?
Fall asleep a little faster
Fall asleep a little faster
Come on, come on, come on
Am I there yet?

I’ve been sleeping
Through my weekend
I’ve been sleeping
I’ve been thinking
No more sleeping
I’ll stay up for years

Wake me up
Wake, wake me up
I’ve been sleeping in my bed too long
Wake me up
Wake, wake me up
I don’t really wanna live without you, baby
Wake me up
Wake, wake me up
When you come home
Wake me up ‘cause I’m asleep
Track Name: Squander
Put that coat away
You won’t need it
On a warm day like today
And your closet is empty

The English didn’t like the crossbow
Didn’t find it fair
But who got the last laugh?
Whose daddy’s coming home from war?

Death is in our hands and on our minds

Worry ‘bout yourself
And I’ll be gettin’ mine
No one will care
If you can’t see the light
Cool your jets
The going gets tough from here

No more dyin’
No more cryin’
Who’s flesh and bone still?
Not I!

Do you mind to hurry up?
Can’t you see that it’s begun?

Changing scope
Such a jarring time
I want to be in there with you
Go forward
Don’t end up on the wrong side

How could anybody stand to live that way?
Maybe I’m not a goner
They give and take back
But do they understand
Tomorrow’s not an offer
It’s a promise?
Track Name: Tesoro
A treasure found in the sea
Surrounding me with only rubbish to be seen
To care and to be there
And to be understanding to a point to me
No need to be sorry
You took your time

For you I’ll do
If you need
Whatever comfort, I’ll be there
You turn to me
And you don’t seem to be so sad
Any longer
Weigh on my shoulder

You should’ve known
You’d break my bones
You know we wanna play it
Mark for me
The place you’ll be
Because I’ll get you, baby

I don’t mind
I won’t say
I throw your way
I don’t see what’s so wrong
I won’t sing till it’s gone
I’ve been nice
I’ve been mean
I’ve been lost
But now I’m home
Now I’m home in your arms

I forgot my map
Oh, yours I’ll borrow
Sweet metallic sound
I’m breaking solid ground
Hands can feel your warmth
Now I have found you

Who could’ve known
You’d be my home?
Surprised by every layer
I’ve searched through souls
But no one knows
Just why you’d bury treasure